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30 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #241

 "About to walk out the door to head up North for Christmas and was feeling a little disappointed that my box had not arrived, when the buzzer went and the postman had a package for me, I ran down to get it and was so excited to see it was a curiosity box!

I had no time to open it so I packed it into my case and we headed for the North.

As soon as we arrived I opened it, most excitedly, and what a beautiful treat it was too.
Everything was wrapped so beautifully and individually. My wonderful curious sender had written her favourite quote on the wrapping paper "I perhaps owe having become a painter, to flowers" - Claude Monet'

I love absolutely everything, it is all very me, very christmassy and just perfect. The wax dipped apple is amazing, the oranges and cinnamon are the quintessential smell of christmas and. The book on David Austin Roses is perfect - I  ❤  them, the soap, the bells, the mistletoe, its all just perfect, thank you so much to whoever put such love and affection into my box. 

Thank You Curious Friend, and have a very happy 2012."


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