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30 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #242

"Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay in blogging this box, the festive season has been rather crazy this year and time (as usual) has sped past. 
Secondly, I should explain who 'we' is. My name is Freya and I took part in the first curiosity project, when I told my mum all about it, she immediately wanted to get involved! So, this time around we did the project together as a little joint effort. It was especially exciting as I am at university in Manchester, so when I heard the box had arrived it was so exciting to know it will be home when I arrived back too!
Eventually, the time came and it was so worth the wait... 

A beautiful little card from our sender read; 

To my curious friend,
I hope this box fills you with festive cheer. 
Everything in your box was made in Wales, especially the knitted things which I made myself!
Merry Christmas!

Our box included... 

❉ Some Luxury Cream and Butter Fudge (Handmade!) in the shape of an angel
❉ The sweetest little knitted tree which proudly took place in our living room right next to our tree
❉ Sitting beside the tree this Christmas was the cutest little companion in the form of a robin, who bobbed around all Christmas on his little springy legs
❉ Also, the sweetest Christmas decorations, a knitted stocking and a rather wise looking Father Christmas who joined our tree as soon as they were opened
❉ Some absolutely exquisite soap, which smells like a little Christmas dream!
❉ A robin hook, whom is currently in limbo about his new home. I'd like him in Manchester with me, but it seems I have some competition and mum too would like him here with her in Suffolk.

The thought that has been put into our box is clear, and so appreciated. To know everything is from Wales and some things even made by our sender is so special! Truly a box worth waiting to open (not that we were able to wait very long at all). 
A huge thank you to our sender, and a special mention about the card, which is made from SheepPooPaper! 

We both hope our sender had a very Merry Christmas, and has a Happy New Year and thank them so so much for all the little treats we have received. They truly are going to be loved for life (apart from the fudge, which we may possibly kind of sort of eaten......!!) 

Freya and Alison.

(and Iggy the retired greyhound, who joined us for his first Christmas in a home this year and seems to have sneaked his long nose into one of our photographs!)"

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