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7 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #25

"I picked up my curious box this week after a frustrating time staring at the 'sorry you were out' card from the Post Office which said I had to wait 72hrs to pick it up!

Anyway, when I finally got my - cold - mitts on it, I was super excited because the return address was County Antrim in Northern Ireland. The fact that my parcel had to wing its way across the sea to get to me was brilliant and felt just a little bit wonderful. 

I loved that the box was covered in reused sheet music with little pictures on it, and when I opened it and peeled away more reused sheet music paper, there was a huge amount of little goodies inside. Definitely getting me in a festive mood straightaway!!!

I found...

❄ 3 x robin baubles (I love birds)
❄ A handmade (? it's pretty professional!) length of red and green bunting
❄ A handmade (? again, v professional) felt tree decoration
❄ Some really nice smelling festive pot pourri with a cute deer tag (my favourite scents are Christmassy!)
❄ 2 little festive chocolates
❄ Knitting needles
❄ A cute (and very Irish, to me!) homemade card with a recipe on the front
❄ A knitting doll (I can't wait to play with this! I had one as a child and made things like crazy!)
❄ Bath salts (in a cool packet - check it out!)
❄ A book about wedding favours (I said I was getting married soon...)
❄ Mini cake cases with festive designs on
❄ A jar of thread and buttons with a little pin cushion on top (love this!)

A-mazing! My favourite colour 'red' in abundance, my favourite scent, something for my wedding and lots of crafty things (and some treats). Can't ask for more than that. I'd like to say thank to the lovely person who put this together - I hope you have a happy festive Christmas! I really enjoyed unpacking the box and finding all your lovely goodies.


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