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8 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #30

"My box arrived yesterday while I was at work, my stepdad rang me to tell me the postman had dropped it off and i couldn't WAIT to get home and see what was inside, and I was so NOT disappointed!

From the gorgey holly patterned, Emma Bridgewater box to all the wonderful contents, it was as if my curious sender really 'got' me.

My box included a card of an Oxford landscape - perhaps a clue to the location of my sender? Some pretty tissues, fabric swatches (I LOVE sewing!) cupcake cases (I LOVE baking even MORE), buttons, a wooden decoration, some chocolates and my two most favouritest(!) items which were the bicycle page clips (dear curious friend - how incredible that you knew how much I love cycling?!) and finally an adorable crocheted robin. He's just the sweetest - I've named him Barnabee.

Anyway, who ever you are thank you so very much for taking the time to make such and wonderfully personal box for me. Also where did you get owl cellotape?? I want some for my own!!  

And Tiffany, thank you for such a fun project, I've loved every second of it!"

Alice xx

Barnabee, a very fitting name for a rather gorgeous Robin. 

P.S Miss Curiosity thought you might like the little A.A Milne ditty-her grandmother used to sing it to her when she was little ;-) 



  1. I adore the A.A Milne ditty, I was in fact named after that very poem, so it is very fitting. My Daddy used to read it to me every night, and occasionally....he still does. Although we all know it off by heart now!

    Love, Alice


  2. Alice! I am your curiosity box sender! I umm-ed and ahh-ed about whether to tell you, and in the end I just couldn't resist!

    So glad you liked your box of treats :)

    emmalemonade x x

  3. Aaah Emma you gorgeous thing! Thank you, glad I can say it to you properly, my box was WONDERFUL xxx