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8 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #31

The first post of the day is from recently married recipient Lauren, congratulations!

"I got super excited today when I received my curiosity box.

It was wrapped in lovely brown paper and as soon as I tore it open it's like I was in a snow shower. Hundreds of pieces of snow confetti hit my kitchen floor! I've been complaining for days about my lack of snow but today I got it!

Inside the box everything was wrapped individually; a few bits in brown paper which seemed to be stamped with motifs in green paint and a few bits in bubble wrap but the first bit I saw was a gorgeous wooden lady. She will take pride of place in my kitchen.

I then found
  • A gorgeous cup and saucer, several jumbo wax crayons, magnolia fragrance and the instructions of making my own candle. I assume this goes with the bubble wrap bag of wax that my curious friend also sent me.
  • A necklace making kit with some fabulous handmade paper beads (I'm looking forward to doing this as I love quirky jewellery)
  • A hard back copy of A Christmas Carol. This is one of my FAVOURITE Christmas movies but I've never actually read the book
  • A giant pencil filled with little coloured pencils
  • Nursery Rhyme Snap. Will help keep little hands quiet at Christmas
  • A lovely travel mug, three gorgeous teas and a sachet of my favourite hot chocolate (that I'm drinking as I type this!)
  • 2 beautiful Christmas Tree tree decorations. I got married this year and husband and I decided that we were going to start a family tradition of a new decoration on the tree every year. These will be fabulous to start us off with!
  • A bar of Green and Blacks (yummy), a scottish macaroon (I've never tried one before!) and a packet of space dust.....that was eaten even before the box was unpacked.

Thank you my curious friend. I love EVERYTHING!"

Lauren x

A Scottish macaroon??? What, pray tell are they and how can one find one??


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  1. Aah im so excited, that was my box, so glad you like it, the scottish macaroon was because i travel most weekends from the midlands to scotland to see my boyfriend so thought something scottish should be included (although its a bit crumpled as my bag was not as protecting of it as i thought) they are a feast of coconut and vanilla - heres a recipe if you cant find any more : http://www.life123.com/food/baking/cookies/macaroon-recipe.shtml