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9 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #32

Ooooooo check out the animal print, loving the vibrant colours!

"Hi Miss Curiosity,

My box came for me last week & I picked it up on Saturday & rushed home to open it almost squeaking with excitement. And the squeaking continued as I opened it!

I gently tore off the wrapping to reveal a zebra print hat box (which has taken pride of place in my bedroom) with even more amazing goodies inside.

First there was a tag which read:

"For you, my curious companion:
- Something for slips
- something for lips
- something for wearing
- something for sharing
- something for trees
- something for keys
- something I've read
- something that's red
- something made of hearts
- something for you to start.

Merry Christmas xxx"

Well after that I was dying to get stuck into my box, and get stuck in I surely did (it was a great feat of will power that I managed to stop to take photos!!)

Inside my beautiful box was:

✩ Left over zebra fabric for me to do something with (I'm still pondering what crafty project I should start).
✩ A zebra print egg box filled with baubles (the baubles have been added to my wreath over the mantle and the egg box has taken pride of place in my kitchen as my egg store).
✩ A beautiful red and black beaded necklace.
✩ A lovely geisha card, made by my giver's nan, with instructions to send to someone I love (I'm saving it for Valentine's day).
✩ A cross stitch keyring. I've never tried cross stitch so am really excited to learn something new!
✩ A book of 211 Things a Bright Girl Can Do. Am savouring this slowly in the evenings.
✩ A beautiful garland of hearts made from old books. I'm saving it until I move into the new house where it will decorate my library/study. 
✩ A stunning black & white handbag filled with my favourite shades of red lipstick & nail varnish (which I'm wearing as I type) & some animal print plasters (which will come in handy when the snow starts & I fall over. A lot.)

I was truly thrilled with all my goodies & can't thank my curious companion enough. And as you can see from the photo my cat was thrilled with the box.

A huge thank you to you too Tiffany for organising the project. It has been so much fun putting together my box & can't wait to see it on the blog.

Sign me up for the next Curiosity Project!!"

Jenny xxx


  1. Thank you Jenny, I am so delighted you enjoyed the box I made for you! I've been eagerly checking each twitter post to see if my box had made it's way to my curious receiver.

    It gives me a warm feeling to think that through this project we can touch a complete stranger and bring (hopefully) a little surprise and happiness to their day.
    Seeing your cat jumping in the box that my cat Molly was investigating as I packed it for you is lovely!

    I can't wait to get my box so I know what it feels like to be at the other side and taking pics of my goodies.

    Enjoy being curious and have a wonderful Christmas xxx

  2. Emma thank you so much for my box - it was the highlight of my weekend. It came on the Wednesday but I had to wait till Saturday till I could collect it (I practically ripped it out of the postie's hand!)

    I was so touched by how much thought had gone into everything - if you hadn't put your name on the postcard I'd swear you knew me! I'm still wearing the nail varnish & lipstick & the bag is coming out to my Christmas party tonight. And my cat Bella is quite put out that I've filled the hat box with something other than her!

    Let's hope your box arrives soon - you can't imagine how exciting it is!

    Thank you again & hope you have a fabulously curious Christmas xxx