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9 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #34

Our last post of the day comes from recipient Lucy. Have a fantabulous weekend you curious lot!

"I received my box quite early on and was conveniently at home when it arrived but it took me completely by surprise! And what a lovely surprise it was! My curious friend signed her postcard C having quoted some lines from 'Favourite Things' and offered up some of her favourite things and a few of mine! The contents were all wrapped up in brown paper and each little package had her comment written on the front explaining why the item was there.

The contents included all sorts of bits and pieces including almond essence (delicious), a mini notebook and diary, some fabulous beads (still trying to decide what to do with them, although a necklace is looking likely!), a knitspiration journal which is gorgeous, some wine glass tags for when my friends come for supper (and all with cheese and wine charms - two of my favourite things for sure!) and a Scottish flag badge and tartan ribbon (a clue to where my curious friend is from!).

It was lovely of her to make me some miniature bunting (as I had put on my info that I love camping and bunting between trees) to remind me of the summer, and it is now lining the shelves in our dining room! It was also really thoughtful to put together a CD for me but I was amazed to find that it included some songs that I also love and that mean a lot to me as well!

I would love to know the significance of the Little Mermaid box, I loved the film when I was growing up but did wonder what it meant to my Curious Friend! Thank you so much C, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!"

Thank you so much for organising this Tiffany - I've loved taking part and will certainly do so again if you repeat the project!

Merry Christmas!"

Oooooo the bunting, the bunting!!!


Lucy xxx


  1. Oh I'm so excited that you liked your box!! I spotted the Little Mermaid box when I was out looking for Christmas goodies. I also loved the film and all things disney when i was younger.

    Once I got home I took the sticker off to find that the writting was in Italian; a strange thing to find in a little Scottish town charity shop!!

    It's really lovely to see that you have the bunting up :) I need to start making some Christmasy ones to make my flat more festive.

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas x

  2. Thanks Christie, it was lovely to receive and I love that you found an Italian box in a small Scottish charity shop!

    Such a super project to be part of and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a fabulous 2012!