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11 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #36

My curiosity box arrived yesterday!!! Wahoo!!!

Having had a very difficult start to the week the arrival of my curiosity box really cheered me up! 

It was wrapped in brown paper with the words 'can you guess what it is?' on the outside. I really wanted to open it but waited until my littlies were in bed so I could savour the contents! 

Under the layer of brown paper was a postcard, a puffin box of delights postcard. On the box were the instructions 'remove and pin on your wall' :-)

Inside the box were several parcels wrapped in white paper with purple stars on. On top was a card with a note to tell me to open it after the presents.

My box contained:

☞ A book called 'dark city, light city'. (My curious friend knows the author/artist through work). The book contains snippets of conversations heard by the author. I love this as I love to listen to snippets of conversation as you walk past people and try to work out the stories behind those snippets.
☞ Handmade hand warmers (made by my curious friend, so kind) the smell of the wool reminds me of jumpers my grandma used to knit and also being in her knitting room at her house! :-)
☞ 3 more postcards: all puffin postcards - lettering, the clothes we wear and things to do.
☞ Three gorgeous pieces of fabric which I cannot wait to turn into something beautiful which will always make me think of my curious friend.
☞ A purple satin drawstring bag containing a small bag of buttons and gems. I LOVE buttons, I have great memories of sifting through boxes of buttons at the wool shop with my Nanna when I was younger.
☞ A gorgeous green bead and silver bracelet.
☞ Some lovely heart shaped gold and silver candles tied together with a red and white gingham ribbon.

After opening all my gifts I returned to the card which contained a lovely note with a little explanation of the box's contents.  It was signed 'z' - maybe a clue to the identity of my curious friend???

Love love love this project and will be keeping my eyes peeled for the next project.

Thank-you so much for organising it all.  I loved putting my box together almost as much a receiving my own box!

Thanks again.


That book sounds absolutely fascinating, there's nothing like people watching. Reminds us of that Underworld track-'Born Slippy'.


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