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11 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #38

"Hi Miss Curiosity!

I received my box on Tuesday (so sorry its taken so long just been so busy!) I'd just got to work and my dad texted saying your Curious box has arrived! I enjoyed doing mine so much I updated my parents and boyfriend every step of the way so I think he was a bit excited when it arrived too! Work dragged that day but I didn't mind as I knew as soon as I got home I could take my time in opening mine. I waited until my boyfriend got home so we could open it together so he could share my excitement and joy in opening it! 

As soon as he got in we sat in the lounge on the floor and took off the first wrapper, the brown paper and underneath was a lovely Christmas wrapped box. When opened it contained lots of beautifully wrapped little presents! We were so excited to open each one! We took it in turns to open them as Matt was just as giddy as me and I wanted him to be a part! It was like Christmas coming early!

We opened: 
  • A beautiful handmade Christmas tree decoration with different coloured pompom's, its so lovely, it went straight on our tree, its something I can look at now for years to come and remember what a wonderful project this was to take part in! My curious friend explained that she had recently got a pompom making machine and loved to make them! I loved receiving it!
  • 3 Chocolate elves with magic popping dust in which we are saving for Christmas day.
  • A box of candy canes which are now around our house!
  • A beautiful tin containing Mulled Cider Sachets - we can't wait to try this at Christmas!
  • 48 Christmas cupcake cases - which I love - I also sent my curious friend some too!
  • An amazing pair of star socks - they are just so me, I wear stripey, spotty, colourful socks all the time and am quite renowned with family and friends for it!
  • A gorgeous fold up bag with 'Someone else carry this for me' on it - I love this, am forever looking around the house for bags, I now have one to keep for me!
  • Some Christmas stickers which are going on all my Christmas cards
  • A lovely little soap
  • My most favourite gift - a book with dream home ideas book on the front as me and my boyfriend are currently saving for a house whilst living at home with my mum and dad

I'm sorry to my curious friend I didn't give a better description in the beginning as I just thought it was meant to be one line. But you managed to get perfect gifts for me, so thank you so much, we both enjoyed opening them so much! I hope you too find the most perfect home for you and your family. 

Thanks once again!"

Jane xx

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