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11 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #40

"I received my box today at work, which was especially surprising as I had completely forgotten giving my work address for delivery!

I somehow managed to exercise incredible self-restraint and wait until my lunch break to open it - even going to the post office to send on my own curious box to my curious recipient!

My first words when I took the box from the envelope were: "Oh, wow!" A beautiful Audrey Hepburn box with some silver ribbon around it. I love Audrey Hepburn, so we were already on to a winner!

I opened the box and was amazed by the colours. Lovely purple fabric petals, a brightly coloured postcard and my first gift. A beautiful four leaf clover bookmark.

There were so many wonderful little gifts within the box of joy!

I loved the Alice in Wonderland themed items, especially the label tied to one of the bottles. A stroke a genius which made me grin (like the Cheshire Cat no less!)

Wrapped inside a lovely red pashmina was a book, which I have never read and am looking forward to, and a DVD of Eternal Sunshine which I have seen once, loved but do not own.

My lovely curious sender, you made my day. Oh, and the little Christmas tree that changes colour? Fantastic!

Thank you so much to my sender for the wonderful box and to Miss Curiosity for making this possible.

Merry Christmas!"

Xowie xx

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  1. I'm the one who sent this box - so glad that the person who recieved it liked it! :)