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11 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #41

"Dear Miss Curiosity

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank-you to you, and my mystery gift-giver, for such a lovely parcel.

The parcel arrived on friday but I had to pick it up at the post office depot. I had a laugh with the guy behind the desk as he asked for ID for 'The Curiosity Project' - no chance! But he handed it over nonetheless and I was straight home to open up my beautiful brown paper package.

Inside was a box with 'curious' written on the label. Inside the lid was a printed message ("Hello curious person"), an envelope with a beautiful hand-made card and a homemade brooch for me to wear. The note said:

"Dear Curious person
I hope you enjoy the contents of this box. Some I bought, some I collected and some I made! All are things I 
Stay curious! x"

I was a very lucky girl. I had a host of parcels wrapped up in brown paper all with printed instructions on it...

COUNTDOWN to Dec 25th - a little advent calendar (I think I'll save this for next year to get the full 24 days worth of fun!)
WARM your chilly hands - adorable mini hand warmers, shaped like a hot water bottle
PIN - 3 lovely little pins (which made their first outing on my coat last night and received a lot of compliments!)
DECORATE your tree - a cute little tree decoration, perfect as we just put the tree up last night
NOTE all your plans and dreams - a perfect handbag sized notebook
LOVE with all your heart - a beautiful stained-glass heart, now catching the winter light at my window
WRITE a letter to someone special - a stunning handmade photo card, ideal for me as I always try to post real letter rather than electronic emails to my friends - they're so much nicer to receive
CELEBRATE christmas, snow and FUN - another card, homemade, snowy and gorgeous. Some lucky person in my life will receive this this year!
BAKE yummy cupcakes - fairy cake cases, which will be used for our christmas charity cake sale this week
ENJOY being a bride - I'm getting married in July and in the crazy stages of organising. This badge is a nice reminder to just enjoy it. It's now stuck to my wedding folder.
READ my fave book - I LOVE this present! 2011 saw me do a '52 books in a year' challenge and I've been looking for something special to finish it. The Wizard of Oz will be perfect, and so nice to have a recommendation from my curious friend.

Thank-you so much, I can't believe how thoughtful and lovely the presents are, it's like getting a present from a long-lost friend rather than a stranger. Mine goes in the post tomorrow, I hope the recipient likes it as much."


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