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12 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #45

"I had a note from royal mail to go to collect something from the post office - I had left it a couple of 
days to collect as needed to get some other xmas parcels ready to post. I'd nearly forgotten there
was something for me to pick up too! I was very excited to find it was my curious box!!! Especially
as I had just posted mine.

The box was wrapped in lovely black and white paper and when I tore through that, I found a cardboard box of surprises.

There was no note, so I'm not sure if any of the bits are of significance for the sender, but it was
fun to open and find the assortment of gifts!

What was included:

Mug with Buddha quote
A watch
♥ Propaganda mirror
Key cover
Pets rock lip balm (perhaps for my love of dogs)
Assortment of candy (took me back to my days in Canada) - I especially loved the dip dab!
Christmas pudding truffle
Little box with some tea bags (not sure what kind of tea)

Thanks to my curious friend for putting together my box of goodies. Sorry the photos are so bad, my camera seems to be on the way out! 

Thanks Tiffany for making my favourite time of the year all the more festive!
I like to think of you as Mrs Claus, and us your curious elves!

Merry Christmas Everyone!"
 - A curious elf xx

Oooooo love that-Mrs Claus!



  1. This was my box! I didn't leave a note as I wanted it to be completely anonymous!!! The tea is peach green tea i love the smell of it :) i'm glad you liked the gifts.. I put the sweeties in because it's the time of year where you can treat yourself :D happy Christmas x x x

  2. The sweets are delicious, thanks so much! MMM peach green tea sounds delicious - will have to go make myself a cupful in my new mug :)