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12 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #46


I received my box this morning. All very exciting. I was actually having a lie in when the doorbell went but it was such a lovely surprise. The postie commented on my unusual name as it was addressed to 'my curious friend'. 

I received: 

Sari patchwork pieces
A crafted bird
Cath Kidston body lotion
A white chocolate star (eaten for breakfast)
A beautiful red heart teapot 

However, no doubt thanks to some heavy handedness of Royal Mail the teapot was broken. Such a shame as it was just what I needed and I have a real weakness for red and hearts. 

I also had a lovely little card to explain why my sender chose the gifts they did. 

Hurrah for the Curiosity Box Project!"

Em x x

Oh grrrrrrr that's so annoying, and very frustrating to have something so lovingly put together carelessly handled at the sorting office. Some Christmas karma is on its way to you Royal Mail. Wooohahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!



  1. Oh, thats really sad :0( I went to post my box today and the whole place was shut due to a computer breakdown. So annoying as its a 20 mile drive! I hope you can glue it back together.

  2. Is unsavable unfortunately :( Was completely shattered but still held together by tape. Such a shame!

  3. Hello! I'm so happy you like your box! I had so much fun putting it all together, sewing and wrapping it for you. I'm super sad with royal mail for breaking your teapot, I thought the bubble wrap would be enough, I'm so sorry.

    I hope it was all worth interrupting your lie in! Look after my birdie for me, he's the first one Ive made, I was quite pleased with the result but I think he needs some friends :-)

    Rhi xxx