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12 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #48

"Yay, my box arrived at the weekend. :)

I was going to wait and open the box with a nice glass of mulled wine but I was that excited I opened it straight after picking it up from the Post Office. I found a cute Christmas tin under the brown wrapping paper. The tin was full of red Christmassy tissue paper and a retro looking Santa postcard with a note on the back saying

 'Dear Curious friend, I hope you like the goodies I have selected for you. There are practical things, sparkly things, yummy things and something I have treasured for many years.'

My goodies:

♥ A green diary
♥ Chocolate coins
♥ Sparkly gold Christmas decorations
♥ Polaroid photo frame - I love this!!
♥ Cherry chap-stick - yum, my favorite
♥ Sparkly red nail-varnish -as you can see from my photo I had to put it on straight away. It was my birthday night out on Saturday and it went well with my outfit!
♥ Christmas pudding earrings - I'm saving them for Christmas day :)
And last but not least....
♥ A lovely jade heart necklace. Curious friend is this what you have treasured for many years? I'm not going to let it out my sight, it's perfect!!

I've included a photo of my goodies and my dog Nutmeg, I think she was more curious than I was.

I didn't feel very Christmassy before I received the box, thank you curious friend for giving me some Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2012.

*And thank you for the project, it's such a great way to spread some Christmas love. Merry Christmas*"


The jade necklace-what a beautiful gift to pass on, especially as it symbolises beauty, nobility and perfection. Enjoy it all and give Nutmeg a kiss on the nose from us!



  1. That tin is beautiful!! Just my kind of thing! I love seeing all the fab boxes - cant wait for the next project! x

  2. I'm so glad you like all the bits and bobs. I've had the necklace for about ten years. I love how it warms up as you wear it because it's a natural stone. I will be wearing my puds on Christmas day too! Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year xx K