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13 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #49

"Let me set the scene of my Curious Christmas box arriving.....

I got in from work tonight on a dreary freezing wet monday. I'd been on a school trip all day with 100 14 year olds so my brain was totally mashed, the person bringing in my Office Secret Santa gift just hadn't bothered, my car battery light was flashing to tell me there was a fault and I got a phone call to say that my lovely bunny Flo had died....in a word I was feeling glum.

As I walked in the door there was an unassuming brown package waiting for me addressed to 'Someone Curious', I made a cup of tea, turned the fire on, kicked off my shoes and got comfy on the sofa before opening the box. The box was bursting with lots of beautifully wrapped curiosities and there was an envelope with the words 'For curious eyes only' written on it, I opened this first and was greeted with a vintage seaside scene of 'Sheringham, Norfolk' (a hint to where my curious friend comes from maybe??) The card read:

'To my curious friend, I hope you enjoy opening the box as much as I have enjoyed making it up and packing it! My theme is a red christmas as you say that those are the two of your favourite things, although several other bits and pieces have crept in- one or two made by me, also a couple of items which, I hope, will make a small wedding contribution.  I wish you a very happy Christmas and a curious new year. Lots of love from me!!' 

First off I investigated the stocking crammed with lots of lovely things including tea and coffee, some lip balm to keep those chapped lips at bay, some christmas tissues (cue christmas cold!), Disney Shower gel and soap, a Reindeer cookie cutter, a mulled wine scented Yankee candle and a red sparkly pencil. My curious friend had backed two exercise books in red christmas paper (does she know of my love for stationery?!). In other packages I was excited to find a beautiful little Seal brooch (I do an amazing Seal impression), a red 'Joy' decoration to 'trim my tree' with, a bookmark with the Groucho Marx quote 'Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read'...this made me giggle. Coincidentally my Curious friend had chosen to keep me warm with some lovely hand warmers-I've actually bought the same ones for my own curiosity box-we have good taste! I was thrilled to find a 'White Christmas' DVD at the bottom of the box with a tag telling me it is the 'best Christmas film ever'. I am a Dance teacher so love my musicals but this is one I haven't actually watched before (I have seen the stage show and it's brilliant!), I will definitely be watching this with a mug of mulled wine and my Lindt Chocolate Reindeer (thank you friend!) when I break up from work on Friday. The package labelled 'For when you're having one of those days' couldn't be more appropriate today so I was pleased to find a 'Don't panic' keyring to remind me that life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Inside the package labelled 'Throw some for me!' was some confetti for my wedding in August...I will be sure to give this to a trusted friend to throw in my direction when the time comes, a small but thoughtful gesture. My final packages I think are my absolute favourite items which I will 'wear to keep warm'.

My Curious friend questioned how much I love red....she need not have worried as it is an obsession of mine! The packages contained handmade (I think!) mittens and a matching red woolly hat. I let out an audible gasp and whispered 'amazing!' when I opened them I LOVE these items and will wear them with pride when I get up tomorrow.

The care, attention and pure thought that has gone into making this box has really touched me and I can't thank my curious friend enough. The box has given me that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling I associate with Christmas. You have turned my rubbish monday around, Merry Christmas. "

Love Sam x

We are just gobsmacked at the quality of all the boxes we've had up on the blog so far, finding out how much your gifts made you happy makes it all worthwhile. Enjoy those Sam, hang on till Friday! Well done to her sender too, you are indeed a very clever person!


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