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13 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #50

Next up...eh hem..."strike a pose"...

Dear Curious King and Queen,

My curiosity box arrived yesterday to my studio the only day I wasn't in, damn.
Thankfully I had told my colleagues that if a box arrived addressed to a curious person or
something similar that box was for me, so a text telling me it was here got me very
excited. I was very restrained when I got in this morning and tidied up my studio before I
opened it up (I didn't want all my box delights getting lost in my junk) I opened up my brown
paper wrapped parcel to discover a box covered in copies of Vogue covers and silver letters
spelling out curiosity box.

My curious friend wrote in her card that she covered the box in something she loves and it is something I love too. Opening up the box I found a host of parcels wrapped in black tissue and tied with black ribbon. Each little parcel was a delight to open and included:

✁ A gorgeous vintage dress pattern (I think i may use this to inspire my next collection)
✁ Some rather delicious looking chocolate truffles
✁ A wonderful giant heart decoration (definitely going on the tree when I get it up)
✁ A little pocket sewing kit
✁ A pretty card with fairies on the moon
✁ A stationery kit with the best retro prints on it
✁ An address book (perfect as I did have one but have no idea where it is)
✁ A gold sparkly ring (to satisfy the magpie in me)
✁ A gorgeous necklace inspired by alice in wonderland (my favourite).
✁ A ring box of the prettiest pink 
✁ And my favourite a jar of little leaves which will always make me smile when I see them.

I also got a card with the loveliest of sentiments inside which definitely made my heart glow 
when I read it. Thank you to my curious friend, opening your box took me back to being 5 again
and opening something with complete intrigue and excitement.

Merry Curious Christmas to all the curiosity people.

Rowan xx

What a beautiful box of goodies Rowan, and by the way, just how stunning IS your work?! Miss Curiosity would quite happily wear it everyday...*sigh*...



  1. Aw thankyou Miss Curiosity you have me blushing! Have loved being part of the project and look forward to the next one. xx

  2. Hi Rowan What lovely things you said - I am so glad you liked your presents! - seems like you are a girl after my own heart! Merry Christmas!! Jemma.x