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13 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #51

"Hurrah - my wonderful box has arrived! I wanted to savour it on my own but I couldn't wait and my partner and boys were 'ooohing' and 'aahing' along with me.

My box was simply and classically wrapped with brown paper and gold twine which was the beat start. When I opened it, there was an envelope on the top which held the smallest and cutest advent calendar and a note explaining the contents of the box. 

I won't write everything in  the letter but one of the recommendations from my Curious Friend was to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" - a girl after my own heart because every Christmas I settle down on my own and watch a christmas movie, and I had just watched White Christmas whilst writing some Christmas cards. 

I am constantly amazed, when reading the posts on this site, by how well the boxes seem to match their recipients - that was certainly the case with me receiving my box. 

My Curious Friend send me the prettiest vintage tea cup - I was so pleased because I had just bought a similar one at the weekend at a flea market, how weird is that? So now I can have civilised tea and cake eating with a friend.

Also included in my box was -

A gorgeous handmade hanging robin for the Xmas tree, but I have a feeling it will find a more permanent place in our home. 

Some christmas cookie cutters, with the suggestion to have some fun baking with my boys - yes I will!

A little post box tin of tea - with my northern roots, I have no problem drinking lots (and lots) of tea.

The Christmas Book, which will be read every year for a new little tip or fun thing to do.

A hand made lavender heart - just sooo lovely.

But for me, the best thing (out of a box full of best things!) was some gorgeous handmade bunting made from a vintage Ladybird book of Christmas Traditions. This is the kind of thing that I also love, and this really touched me because it must have been so hard for my Curious Friend to cut up a book that I know she would have loved to keep. But, my curious friend, you should know that it will come out every year, and every year we will think of you. And every year, when someone asked where we got this amazing bunting, I will tell them about you, and out Curious friendship!

Thank you so much and have a fantastic Christmas - what a great start to it!"



  1. Ooh, this was the box I sent! I'm so glad you liked it and am relieved that the teacup and saucer arrived safely. The bunting was my favourite too .. I'm very happy to hear it will come out every Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday! xxx

  2. That bunting is amazing! What a brilliant idea!