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13 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #53

I was a little worried when I had a note from the post office to say that a parcel was waiting for me at the sorting office, and that it was a little damaged :( 
I sent my hubby to pick it up on his way home from work, and when I got home I was relieved to find my curiosity parcel was mostly intact, phew! 
There was a little damage to the exterior jiffy bag but the interior was still all there. 
So I sat down at the kitchen table to begin.... I carefully unwrapped the  damaged jiffy to reveal a delightful christmasy wrapped bundle of goodies. I was glad I sat down, because as I unwrapped, out flooded a ton of glittery confetti stars.... I love Stars! and now they are nicely spreading them selves all over the house, lol.

In my parcel was: 

*A cute penguin card (on my mantel piece)
*A cross stitched keyring (currently in use on my shop keys)
*A scottie dog brooch (adoring my winter coat)
*Some pretty post-its and a super cute pen (beside my bed for midnight ideas)
*A candy cane ( on my tree)
*A gorgeous vintage postcard of my town!! (joining my collection on my notice bord)
*A pretty purple candle (in my conservatory, away from my cat who likes to eat them)
*A book mark (in my battered copy of Hunger games) 
*Some cute stickers (stuck in to my smash book, holding in the pics from this project)
*3 yummy lollies ( two of which are in my goddaughters stockings, other is in me, lol)
*And a jar containing a serving of hot chocolate... with marshmallows! (which I enjoyed whilst learning about my senders loves and hates in cute little post-it note books)

Thank you so much to my partner for putting together such a lovely selection of goodies for me.

It was such a joy to take part in this project, from putting my box together, to watching for it to arrive on the blog, and then receiving my gift! it has been wonderful!! I can't wait for the next one!

Much love Sammy xxx

A candle eating cat. We've heard it all now!


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