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13 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #54

We absolutely love the creativity behind this box, a great idea to involve the senses, as some of our other participants also did during our 1st project. The apron is DIVINE!

"I have just received my Curiosity Box. It was carefully packed & had intriguing type-written quotes on it & some hand-painted fir trees. There were lots more notes inside with each little parcel. I'd been extremely curious to see how My Curious Friend would have responded to my rather obscure list of likes & dislikes & was delighted to discover the extreme thoughtfulness & care that had gone into making my box for me.

The first present was an incredibly beautifully made fabric draughts board with bottle caps for pieces. This is now become an integral part of my Emergency Picnic Kit. My very clever & crafty Curious Friend had also made me a lovely half-apron with an adorable deer motif. If anything could possibly entice me into the kitchen more, it'd be this apron! & inside its little pocket were tucked some tea bags & chocolates. Then there was a pair of lavender bags with transferred images of a little girl with out-stretched arms and one of a deer (the selection of these two deer motifs is uncanny; I've just had a deer tattoo done!!) On the reverse of both were quotes from Baudrillard - my favourite author!

Then there was a beautiful card of a painting that is exactly to my slightly whimsical tastes & yet, still rather festive with the girl's party hat. Lastly, there were two felted bracelets and a CD for me to listen to because I love the rain. I loved how much consideration had been put into my gift and really liked how they used the senses as a theme so that I had different experiences to gain from each carefully picked gift.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, my lovely Curious Friend!"


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