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13 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #55

"After waiting around like an impatient kid on Christmas eve, I was rewarded today with the arrival of my box.

I raced from the mailroom up to the flat here and then had to grumble a bit while searching for my camera which I had somehow lost.

Finally, camera located, I was able to unwrap my Curious Christmas box.

Upon opening it I was greeted with a cheerful card that read "Dear Curious Person, I have made some things to make your Christmas a little more glamorous. "

Ooh!  I am all about glam ;)  This was sounding great already.

I opened the little silver box first.  It held a lovely turquoise beaded ring.  Very festive, wintery and glam.   I love anything with a bit of sparkle.  The ring went right on my finger and has not come off since.  

The white Peace sign that was nestled in the box went right on our tiny Christmas tree.  We are here in London for a year, living in a flat on campus that is sort of dull. We were only able to get a tiny tree and had no ornaments.  Last night I made some paper chain decorations for the tree and used a few gold Christmas baubles that a former visiting professor had left behind...  The peace sign really pulled it together - starting to feel homey at last :)

The final glam gift was a beautiful handmade bag. Pretty sure it is silk dupioni.  Anyone who knows me will know what a TOTAL sucker I am for a cute handmade bag.  I have so many and not a single one in this color. I had to leave so many at home while we are away and I am missing them. So it is just perfect!   

That ring, that bag, and a little black dress -- yessss.  I think I have my Christmas eve outfit planned!

Thanks, Curious Friend, you've made a Christmas away from home much more festive and glam. :)"

Happiness is...a peacock blue clutch bag baby! Work that outfit ;-)


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  1. So So glad you liked my box of treats :)) Wishing you a very happy Christmas here in the UK.