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14 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #57

"Hi Miss Curiosity

I received my parcel of goodies on Monday morning and what an excitement it was! I wanted to hurry and open it all, but not rush and it be all over - so I settled down with a cuppa and opened my parcel to find this sweet little box.

The cute little Christmas tag got me instantly excited and itching to find out more, my wee box was absolutely filled to the brim with goodies... 

The beautiful box included:

   ✪ Paperchase birthdays book
   ✪ Jazzy pen
   ✪ Christmas decoration
   ✪ Mini photo frame
   ✪ Laura Ashley crafting stickers
   ✪ Pins, buttons and ribbons
   ✪ Teeny tiny beads in little glass corked bottles
   ✪ Knitting register
   ✪ Burt's bees beeswax balm
   ✪ Selection of cards
   ✪ Bookmark with an Irish blessing
   ✪ And quite possibly the sweetest sewing kit I've ever seen... 

Thank you so so much to my curious friend, who evidently took note of my little bio and treated me to far too many things! 
I love it all! 

And thank you to Miss Curious for running such a fantastic project, this was my first time but will certainly not be my last, hurrah!!!"

Jodie xx


  1. Hi

    so pleased you liked my box I was so nervous sending it off as it was my 1st time taking part and wasnt sure if I was getting the idea right or not - delighted you are happy

    Erin xx

  2. Hi Erin, it was perfect! I'd say you got it spot on!!
    The Christmas decoration is up, all the crafty bits I have plans for and it was all just adorable.. Thank you so so much :) xx