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14 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #61

"Hooray my Curiosity box arrived this morning!! Once I ripped open the posting box my box was wrapped in a lovely blue and white gingham scarf.
The box itself has a beautiful festive picture of a rather glamourous lady in 1920's dress (will use it to store all my bits of ribbon).

When opened the box contained a letter which read.

'To my Curious friend,

I hope this box finds you well. Please find within a few little gifts, the tags to which answer the question: What does Christmas entail?
I had so much fun compiling this box for you and I truly hope that you enjoy it. Wishing you a very, very merry Christmas.
Loads of festive squishy hugs your curious Christmas pixie.

P.S The scarf represents keeping warm but wouldn't fit inside! Hopefully your box has arrived snug as a bug in a,well scarf!'

What a lovely letter!!!

Each little parcel was wrapped in gold paper with a purple tag attached explaining each gift

* 4 very cute Christmas tree decorations- which are now adorning my tree.
* A vintage inspired egg cup and cosy- I love eggs for breakfast!
* A lovely pearl necklace and bracelet- which my 2 and a half year old daughter has decided belong to her!!
* An amusing coaster.
* And not forgetting the lovely scarf (to keep me warm)which my box was wrapped in.

Thank-you so much to my Curious friend, I throughly enjoyed my box and will treasure its contents. x x x 

This is such a wonderful idea and I will be looking forward to more Curiosity projects!!"

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  1. I am so pleased that you (and your daughter) liked your box! Have a wonderful Christmas. xx