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14 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #63

"Hi Miss Curiosity,

My Christmas box arrived this morning, my postman very quietly left it in my porch so as I came downstairs I just saw the outline of a curious box sat there waiting for me, so I grabbed the beautifully wrapped package and set to work to open it which was a challenge as it was packed tight!!  When I finally got into it I found things that made me think that my curious partner had read my mind...

Inside was...

 A cute little teacup and saucer note book (I had just finished my other little note book and was just saying to my husband that I needed a new one)
A beautiful vintage style picture frame (I have just got married and have so many photos that I want to frame)
A beautiful little handmade fairy with the initials CB on the back, is this my curious persons initials??
A Pomegranate and ginger room spray which I love and is very Christmassy indeed.
A lovely 'Spirit of Christmas' candle to fill my living room with the smell of Christmas!

So thank you my curious friend, I thoroughly enjoyed opening my little gifts and it was a real treat to receive them from you.

Merry Christmas and thank you to Miss Curiosity for organising this great project!"

Julie xx

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