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14 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #64

"My box arrived today and it felt like an early Christmas! I was very excited :) I was worried my sender would struggle with mine as I couldn't remember if I had put enough info about me, but she couldn't have gotten my gifts anymore right if she tried! My box is fantastic, even my little girl tried to run away with the gifts inside! Every little parcel had a label on it all beginning with 'love...' and I have to say as I opened each parcel I found myself take a step further into crafter heaven! Fabulously coloured material, stuff to make felt hearts, crocheting, mug of sweets, ribbon, little love hearts for my Christmas tree, and letter blocks spelling the word 'love' (which is perfect really as I have met the man of my dreams so I am very much in love at the moment!).

A beautiful gift from a beautiful person.... thank you so very much!"


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