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14 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #68

"I took part in the Curiosity Project the last time around but I've moved house since then so this was the first time my postie had come across it. I explained the concept to her and she was obviously madly curious to know what was in it but I wanted to save it as a reward for getting all my work done as I've been having a super stressful week. I finally cracked at 7.30pm and opened the box. 

After removing a couple of layers of brown paper, I reached the cutest Christmas storage box tied up with a pretty ribbon. Note to sender: the box alone is wonderful. I am just setting up my home office and desperately short of pretty storage boxes. There was a card address to 'Curious Recipient...' which said: 

"Dear Curious, enclosed are a few items that represent what Christmas means to me. I hope they bring you joy (if not, there's always the grand Christmas tradition of re-giving!) Enjoy! xx" 

The message made me laugh, but let me tell you - I won't be re-giving any of these lovely gifts. The inside of the box was lined with red sparkly paper and full of individually-wrapped gifts, each with a matching gift tag explaining their meaning - ie what they aspect of Christmas they represent to the sender. And I know everyone says this, but it really felt as if the sender knew me. First came a sachet of mulled wine mix. "Spices... and queuing for ages in Fortnum's!" I love mulled wine but I can't have it because everyone makes it with alcohol - I have a long-term illness and I can't drink so I spend December going to pubs and parties, smelling mulled wine and not being able to have it. Only the other day I had a conversation with a friend about how I should get some mulled wine mix, but I just haven't had time.

The next gifts were some yummy-looking star-shaped cookies (which I have resisted eating yet!) labelled "Indulgence!" and a cute wooden love-spoon labelled "L♥VE". Then came a tag reading "A little festive spirit?" I assumed it was going to be something alcoholic, which I can't have. Then I opened it and actually let out a shriek because of all the perfumes in all the world, the sender somehow sent me a sample of the one perfume I desperately wanted to try! I write about graphic design, branding and advertising, and I'd seen the gorgeous packaging for Penhaligon's Juniper Sling on a couple of packaging design blogs I read for work and kept meaning to try some. There must be thousands of perfumes in the world. This is a very happy coincidence.

The best gift of all, however, came last. "Just where did the last year go to? Time flies!" read the tag. Oh, I thought, it's a diary. I already have one for 2012. But it turned out to be something very much better than a diary - it's a five-year memory book (for any five years) with a space to write one line each day. I'm getting married in 2012 and I love the idea of cataloguing this year and beyond. I always mean to keep a journal but I never have time to write much. This will be perfect.

I don't know how the sender did it, given the very brief, very scant information I provided about myself. These gifts were perfect, and the box was a complete delight. Thank you!"

Ahhhh Anne, what an amazing box! Penhaligon's are a favourite of Miss Curiosity's too, particularly the Orange Blossom. Enjoy your new home. Happy Days!



  1. omg!! I love this box soooo much! I wish it were mine! I really want a five year memory book!! :) xx

  2. That 5 year memory book is a fab idea! Think I will have to treat myself to one x

  3. Anne, I'm so pleased you love it. I'm the only Curious boy I've spotted on here so far, so I was feeling the pressure!

  4. just got mine ... have promised my daughter to wait until she's back from school to open it! Hope my box got to my curious person safely! x

  5. Yay, I was hoping my sender would reveal themself on here. Adam, thank you - I would say I'm sorry I gave such unbelievably scant information about myself, but I'm not sorry at all because this was perfect. Thank you! :)