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15 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #69


"Good Evening Miss Curiosity,

I have finally received my curiously brilliant box and I am very excited about all my gifts. 
I received my parcel a week late as I wasn't in when it initially arrived and asked for a re-delivery to my local post office which the parcel failed to turn up to and so I requested another re-delivery and this morning it turned up at my house, very curious.

Well firstly Conker, my kitten, had a sniff whilst I photographed and then the shredding of wrapping began. Inside the wrapping was a selection of the most beautiful gifts and I am so grateful to my Curious friend, thank you very much!!

 My favourite item I think was the little Bee and the candle smells delicious, but I really love the button brooch, ohhh, so many things to choose from.

Thank you ever so kindly,

Helen xxo

p.s, it was kind of you to include a present for my kitten (the wrapping and box)"


  1. This was my box!!!! Yay!!!! So pleased that you got it and enjoyed the contents :-) have a fab Christmas x

  2. Thank you so much Rebecca, I love it, thank you xxo