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15 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #71

"Merry Christmas!!

Feeling very festive after the long awaited arrival of The Curiosity Box! There it was, waiting for me at the door upon my return from a long day a work... what a treat :)
I was so excited when I saw the effort that had been made before id even opened it! A brown paper covered box with red velvet reindeer flying across the front and tied with red and white string! Im a sucker for presentation :) 

Inside, each individual and very personal gift was wrapped in lovely festive tissue paper and ribbon... I delved straight in to find Miss. Curiosity had got it spot on! Hand-made "Singer" earrings and a bracelet, a watercolour postcard of Brighton, purple (one of my favourite colours) baubles, chocolate coins, beautiful coloured Christmas lights, Liberty fabric covered buttons (Miss. Curiosity is THE best!) and a wonderfully illustrated book, "The Mice of Brambly Hedge Celebrate"... Taking me back to my childhood!! :)

What a thoughtful gift to put together for someone you've never met... some of my friends wouldn't have even got that!! :) It was very exciting to see a few of Miss. Curiosity's personal snaps of what Christmas means to her... finding out snippets of her life. 

This project is brilliant. I hope everyone involved has a lovely Christmas and happy 2012! 

Festive Cheers from one Miss. Curiosity to another" x 

We'd just like to clarify that the Miss Curiosity spoken of here is not THE Miss Curiosity ;-)


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