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15 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #72

"After seeing my box I had sent on the blog, earlier in the week, I was getting very nervous that mine had not yet arrived, but this morning at 9am on the dot there was a knock on the door....my box was finally here!!

I opened it as quickly and as carefully as I could and beneath the brown paper was a box covered with a map of paris in france- (a place I would love to visit) and meercats?! Inside was a lovely art deco card (I am obsessed with art deco cards) with a little note wishing me a merry christmas. there were 4 lovely presents in my box each with their own little tag USE, DRINK, EAT, CRAFT  -

1. Fig and Rose leg moisturiser which looks and smells beautiful this had a lovely lace and gem tie around it,which is so pretty.
2. Some candy canes (I love sweets)
3. Mulled wine mix ( me and a friend once attempted to make mulled wine from scratch with awful results, so this really brought back fun memories)
4. A lovely Cath Kidston knitting box - (the only thing I my curious friend knew about me is I was looking for my crafting niche) although I have never attempted to knit before I think I will have some fun trying to make the lovely scarf.

Thank you so much to my curious friend for such a wonderful box, considering I didn't really give you anything to go on to create a box for me I really think you did a wonderful box and I cannot wait until the next one!!

Merry Christmas!!! Jemma." x

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