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15 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #73

"I had an interesting conversation with the man at the post office when I tried to collect my box as none of my forms of I.D. have Curious Person on them! Once I explained the situation though he thought it was a fabulous idea. I raced home as soon as I could to open it immediately. Once I tore off the brown parcel paper I simply didn't want to go any further as the box itself was so delightfully decorated with hand stamped quotes about curiosity and beautiful patterned paper. I sat like an excited child in front of our christmas tree as I carefully lifted the lid on my box of christmassy delights.

Inside there were lots of individually wrapped packages with little brown gift tags stamped with Alice in Wonderland style phrases like 'drink me'. It was like the sender had a little window into my likes and what I would love to receive. I only wish my husband was this good at choosing me presents! My gifts included some heart shaped cookie cutters, a bottle of Disaronno (mmmmm delish) some lovely recipe's hand written on postcards (including a fabulous santa one which was produced for a vintage Kellogg's advertising campaign who my husband works for!) two adorable classic books which I will enjoy as I snuggle on the sofa on the long winter nights, an amazing chocolate lollipop covered in tiny flowers which is (almost) too pretty to eat, some decorative hearts and lastly the two most beautiful turtle dove christmas ornaments to treasure on my christmas tree (who doesn't love the part in Home Alone 2 where he is given the turtle dove decorations!)

I am absolutely thrilled with my box of loveliness and I only hope that my recipient is as happy with theirs!

Merry Christmas!"

Love Evie xxx


  1. That's my box! I'm so glad it got to you safely, have a lovely Christmas, Curious friend :0)
    Kim x

  2. Kim, Thank you so so much! It was delightful! What is even nicer is that when I was clearing away all the wrapping paper, I found another beautiful heart decoration that I hadn't unwrapped! It really was the gift that kept giving xxx