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15 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #75

What IS it with Royal Mail and fragile packages????!!!!

"Got my parcel come through today! I'd had a bad night of insomnia meaning when the postie knocked after I'd had just an hours sleep i wasn't that bothered about getting up, until the boyfriend declared my curious project had arrived, then I jumped up!

My presents were wrapped up inside a cute stocking and I had an adorable card as well, with little mini scrabble pieces on. I received:
✯ An xmas decoration which is hanging in our apartment right now
✯ A red candle
✯ A heart cookie cutter
✯ Edible red sugar- I'm obsessed with this stuff. I use it for cakes all the time and I think this will be used to rim some xmas cocktails!
✯ Some santa pegs which i think i will be using for an advent calendar garland I'm already planning for next year!
✯ Some warm gloves
✯ What could have been a lovely mug unfortunately it got smashed before it got delivered to me :(

Cannot wait for the next curiosity project, got so many ideas already!

Thank you so much for organising the project!"


Miss Curiosity just so happens to be styling a pre-wedding shoot for Chelsea and her fiance next month and thinks those gloves would be spot on perfect for it! ;-) 


  1. That was my box - Oh I'm so sad the mug got smashed :( I tried with lots of bubble wrap but it obviously wasnt enough. What a shame...

  2. Thank you Luna, it was a shame about the mug but you know what they say, its the thought that counts :) xx