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15 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #76

"As soon as I heard the chap at the door I knew it was the postman with my curiosity box.

Tore off the brown paper to find a nice silver foil box with christmas ribbon on it, inside was a red envelope with a christmas card inside and a note from my curious sender. Underneath was lots of little parcels wrapped in pink tissue paper.

It was like pulling stuff out Mary Poppins bag, it felt like there was a never ending pile of presents coming out the box! haha!

In my box was:

✽ A curious little vase - I would like to find out if theres anything behind this object from the sender
✽ Sweet william seeds - think my sender likes gardening
✽ Gold chocolate coins - these never lasted long! ha!
✽ Christmas socks with a sock dog attachment - my sender must have children and good sense of humour!
✽ Brooklyn museum book - handy for my trip to New York next year
✽ Silver frame magnet with a poem inserted
✽ I love the handmade christmas decorations made by the sender, also in my favourite colour, would love to know how to make these myself!
✽ Two postcards with quotes on them, as I am a graphic designer I love stuff like this so I have displayed them on my inspiration board in my office (see photo)
✽ My favourite item of all, and probably cost no money is the recipe for Mojito cheesecake! I love mojito cocktails and cheesecake, going to try this one out!

Thanks to my curious person for putting so much thought into my box! Merry Christmas and happy new year! :-)"



Ooooo Sweet William is making a come back next year Nicola, very on trend with weddings too ;-) 


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