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15 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #79

"My box arrived today, yay! And it could not have been better timed as I have been stuck in bed poorly sick since yesterday :(

I had promised my 7 year old daughter that she could open it with me and fortunately the post man delivered it at 2:45pm so I didn't have to wait long for her to get home from school. On opening the box our eyes lit up as we got a sneak peak at all it's treasures! We opened the Wonder Woman letter first and my daughter attempted to read it for me, I was very excited to see the words "vintage" "buttons" and "ribbons", my favourite things at the moment. As we went through the box item by item we were really touched that someone had gone to all the trouble of piecing it together. My daughter particularly likes the the Masterpiece Bender, a very clever little bendy magnetic man with a paint brush and easel, she is still playing with it now. I have fallen in love with the fabrics and cannot wait to make something from them. In all, my box contained: -

* A beautiful organic 12 days of Christmas tea towel
* The masterpiece bender toy
* Some pink rose fabric strips
* A selection of vintage buttons
* A selection of fabric squares
* A box of pencils with a recycled ruler
* A very beautiful and possibly handmade note book with a lovely old fashioned style library ticket
* Some vintage map stickers from France and Italy, a clue maybe??
* A very vintage decal
* Some badges
* A bracelet
* Some vintage ribbons

I cannot thank my curious sender enough, it has really brightened my very poorly day. And a huge thank you to The Curiosity Project for organising such a beautiful idea.

Merry Christmas everyone,

A Curious Person, S x

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