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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #84

Next up, a box that has travelled far...

"Dear Curious friends

My box arrived 2 days ago while i was in bed, i work night shifts! So, my husband went to the Post Office to get it for me. When he came back he was quite surprised to find it had travelled from Dubai!
He wasn't really interested when i explained the project to him before but now my box was actually here he was more eager than me to open it!

Inside was a gorgeous christmassy box - I just love boxes and would have chosen this one myself!

There was lots of Dubai goodies including....

☼ A Dubai mini map - I love maps and things in miniature, so this was perfect for me. It has also started my husband and myself talking about going there (neither of us have ever been)

☼ A handbag holder with a picture of Dubai on it

☼ A mini picture box with "seven natural colours of sands" from seven emirates

☼ A bag of Karkadi (my husband googled this because we weren't quite sure what it was) - tea!

☼ A cute little notebook, I love notebooks.

☼ A cute girly pen  

☼ And some mini cards and envelopes, another item I would have chosen myself

I'm so pleased with my box and a big thank you to my curious friend."


1 comment:

  1. SOOOOO pleased it arrived safely!!! I moved to Dubai in September and this (along with one to my friend) was my first parcel-sending experience from here. My friend lives in Germany and is being charged all sorts of custom tax begore she can get her gift, so I was really worried that you would get the same in England!!!
    Visit Dubai-it's fabulous, I love it here!!! I especially love coming in from sunbathing and reading about the snow at home on Facebook! Merry Christmas!
    Bev. XxXxX