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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #85

"What a wonderful project this has been!

My parcel arrived at work last week after a rubbish day filled with train delays and a stinking cold. My colleagues figured out pretty quickly that the parcel was for me and really wanted me to open it there and then, but I waited until I got home from work so I could share the moment with my husband.

The contents were wrapped in pretty yellow tissue paper (which I've kept!) and contained in a gorgeous peacock feather box that will be lovely for storing things in.
I was greeted with a neatly typed note that welcomed me to my curiosity box and encouraged me to open all my goodies before reading each explanation.

  • First was a beautiful vintage cushion that will look gorgeous in our new home!
  • Next, a fabulously designed book called 'Change The World For A Fiver' - lots of splendid and simple ideas in here and I collect books like this that are cleverly designed!
  • A gorgeous handmade fabric pouch made by my curious friend - the fabric is just what I would have picked had I seen this in a store and I've already been using the pouch on a recent trip away to store some jewellery.
  • A little painted pot - perfect for my dressing table!
  • A selection of pretty beads - I have a huge collection of beads as I love making jewellery so these will be added to my well loved stash.
  • A cute Christmas decoration - I have a feeling my curious friend made this too! So sweet, and our first decoration for our tree so it will be treasured.
  • Postcards of some of my curious friend's photos. It was great to get a little insight into my sender's favourite things. I particularly loved the sunset one!
  • Chocolate coins - these were listed in the note that I got but I couldn't find them in the box I'm afraid! Needless to say they would have been scoffed pretty quickly and my colleagues will verify that I have a bit of a chocolate coin addiction at the moment - it's the festive season for them!
Thank you so much to my curious friend. Each item was just wonderful and will be treasured! I hope you have enjoyed the project as much as I have.

Thank you Tiffany for organising it all! I can't wait for the next one."

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