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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #86

"My name is Elizabeth, and I am soon to be a Curiosity Project addict. 

Of course, my Curiosity Box turned up on the one morning I wasn't sat by the letterbox eagerly awaiting curious goodies. But I guess that is the way it should be. Luckily, my Postie dropped my box off next door, so I popped over, grabbed the box, made myself and a cuppa and sat down in my room to open up my Curiosity Box.

I ripped off the brown paper wrapping to find this beautiful floral and birdie patterned box with a cute little ribbon. I took a moment to enjoy such a lovely box before lifting the lid to find some delightful presents from my Curious Friend. 

Inside my Curiosity Box was:

✍ A homemade decoration (I love the crochet, it's so cute)
✍ A gorgeous notebook with travel inspired design (I'm a traveller at heart)
✍ Some homemade chocolate tiffin with the recipe included (my family has scoffed half of it already and there are thumbs up all round)
✍ A cute crochet brooch and some button hairbands (my little sisters are trying to steal them already)
✍ A polaroid design post it note book (hoorah! I love post-it notes)
✍ Some travel inspired luggage tag labels (too pretty to give away surely?)
✍ Some beautiful handmade bunting (the colours and fabric are perfect!)
✍ And a curious book....it's called 'This Is Not A Book' and is filled with all kinds of random activities to feed the imagination. I can't wait to get started on it. 

My Curiosity Box was rad. It was so much fun to receive such wonderful, thoughtful surprises. The box was perfect for me. 

Thank you to my Curious Friend. And thank you Tiff for organising an amazing project!" 


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