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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #87

"I was rushing around this morning getting ready for work, when there was an urgent knocking at my door, I nearly fell over myself trying to get down the stairs to answer the door as I have been waiting very impatiently for my parcel and was sooo excited! The postman thrust a circular parcel into my hands and I ran hurriedly upstairs to open it. The box was wrapped in brown paper with a bell design and tied up with string. I carefully prised it apart so I can re-use the paper and was greeted  by a beautiful art deco hat box. Inside a delightful assortment of packages wrapped in tissue paper. 

The card enclosed read 

"To my curious friend, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Please find inside some things to keep you warm and festive over the holidays xxx". 

My carefully wrapped parcels included:

★ A pretty white and pink spotted mug with a knitted coat (this is so cute and will cheer up any cold winter morning)
★ Some hot chocolate with marshmallows and mini chocolate biscuits to sprinkle on top (I shall save these for Christmas morning - yum!)
★ A little handwarmer in a knitted union jack cover (perfect for when I'm sat in my car in between appointments at work)
★ 4 Christmassy cookie cutters (I bake Christmas cookies every year for friends and relatives so these are ideal)
★ Some Lindt chocolates (I wanted to save these for Christmas but I couldn't resist a chocolate reindeer whilst I unwrapped my gifts!)
★ And finally a kit to make a pretty hand sewn picture (I love crafting and keep meaning to getting round to doing more sewing)

I am very pleased with my gift, clearly a lot of thought went into it and I would like to send a big thank you to my curious gift sender.

Merry Christmas!!"

Jacci xxx

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