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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #88

"I was so pleased when the buzz of my doorbell meant the arrival of my box. Exciting! Inside I found a brown box beautifully tied up with "Love Laugh Live" ribbon, which is a pretty good motto by anyone's standards! Once I unwrapped it I found a bounty of goodies! And a note on the back of this London postcard saying:

"Dear My Curious Friend, I hope this parcel finds you well. Here are a few things to keep you going over the festive period. If you feel you need to revitalise I have included some shells to remind you of the coast. I hope you enjoy this box of goodies and have a lovely Christmas!" 

I certainly will!

Included was some chocolate money, some mini candy canes, mini clothes pegs with ladybirds on (so so cute!), some patterned cupcake cases (oh darn, that means I'll have to bake!!), a miniature cake, 2 sachets of hot chocolate, a beautiful silver heart Christmas decoration (now to be found on my tree), a miniature Baileys bottle and a little heart with the message "Sunshine always follows the rain". 
Special mention goes to the beautiful bag of shells that make me think of quietly sitting on the beach, listening to the waves to calm my overactive brain. And also the FANTASTIC book that my Curious Person made me. She labelled it "Keep Calm and Be Merry" and filled it with some of her favourite quotes. It was so touching. It made me laugh and also stop and think. There are loads of great ones including "The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter". I've had a pretty tough year with both my parents going through hospital treatment of one kind or another and this rings very true to me. So thank you. The whole box made me feel very thought of, and really spoilt. 

Thanks so much to my Curious South London gifter, it meant a lot, and to Tiffany for arranging the project."

Rachel x

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  1. I have that quote on my spare bedroom wall, I love it :o)