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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #89

"My curious box was waiting on the doorstep tonight when I got home from a long afternoon looking at Christmas windows on Oxford St. I was feeling festive, and my husband was out at a work do, so it was perfect timing!

I managed to wait until the kids were settled in bed before opening my box with a nice cuppa and a brownie :-) Under the brown paper was a beautifully wrapped green parcel tied with very pretty ballet ribbon, and inside that a gorgeous flowery box full of goodies.

My curious sender had written a lovely message and filled the box with things she would like to receive herself. Every parcel was something I love but would never treat myself to - some Russian doll pegs (now pinning up some Christmas cards), a ceramic spoon (hanging on the tree), a beautiful handprinted hankie, some really pretty buttons (I'll have to knit something for my daughter!), some fab jelly moulds (the kids will love them) and a very cool Christmas embroidery transfer kit (perfect for a crafty Christmas).

Thank you so much Helen, I love my box and I'll enjoy everything all the more for knowing how much thought went into each gift. And thank you Miss Curiosity, what a wonderful way to start the Christmas season!

Happy Christmas everyone, and stay curious!"

Katy xx


  1. ooooh! Those jelly moulds are on my wishlist...I might just go and buy them for myself, they are fab! : )

  2. I'm going to make some jelly with my four-year-old this weekend, can't wait to use them! K