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1 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #9

Ooooo a box tip-top packed full of treats, what could be better for Christmas? Sweets galore...

"My Curiosity Box arrived today, and a very cute little thing it was too. A tin decorated with jelly beans, containing tea bags from Fortnum & Mason, popping candy, chocolate teddy bears, spotty baking cases, a creme brulee Vaseline and a spicy candle. Not to mention a fabulous recipe for Decorated Chocolate Lebkuchen.  

And since Christmas is not far away, some very handy Post-Its for pointing out good gift ideas, ensuring no duff bars of soap in the Christmas stocking.

Thank you very much to my Curious Friend, especially for my first Christmas card.

Kind regards,


Hold the phone-Creme Brulee vaseline? Oh joy!!!


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