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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #90

"Having had to explain to my neighbour whom signed for my parcel why it had the completely wrong postcode on it! (I sent my Mum's instead of my own!) I was very happy that it still came to the right address and I looked forward to opening it over a cup of tea. The kettle took an eternity to boil, but eventually the tea was made and the animals were settled and so I proceeded to open the lovingly individually wrapped gifts one by one after I read the lovely card that I had to open first. 
I was hinted that perhaps after I unwrapped all the presents, i would know what my curious friends' festive obsession would be! I believe it to be SNOWFLAKES! The snowflake tissue paper was delightful, the gift tags will sure to be used and I will be making cupcakes to go in my 'Snowflake' cake cases over the weekend!

The make-it-yourself Christmas crackers shall definitely be pulled over our dinner on Christmas day as there will be 6 of us which is the exact amount in the box! - thank you! And my snowflake tree decoration is up on my (real!) tree.
I also received a lovely poem which I too will treasure just as my curious friend does.

But what really, really brought a tear to my eye were 2 bits of A4 paper telling me that my curious friend had bought on my behalf of myself (and my own cats and dogs) a Christmas dinner for both an RSPCA cat and a dog named Mactat and Star respectively. I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of it. So on behalf of me & all my animals, a very big thankyou! a very happy tail wag and a heartfelt purr!!"

This truly is one of the most thoughtful gifts we've seen so far, it's important to remember the animals without homes, especially this time of year. Nicely done. 

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