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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #91

"My box was delivered to work but I stayed strong (despite my colleagues begging me to open it) and waited till I got back to the boat before settling down in front of the wood burner for the grand unpacking. I was delighted by the thought, effort and time my curious friend had put into the box. I had mentioned that I live on a boat and have a little dog so particularly loved the pictures of my curious friend's dog enjoying a walk by a canal that decorated the outside of the box! Everything was wrapped in paw print paper and each item labelled with a little clue to the contents:

'Festive red! To go with another item in this box...hope your dog enjoys!' - a ball of bright red wool and the additional item was a Battersea Dog's Home pattern for a dog jacket and blanket!

'Light me when you are relaxing in the evening doing a spot of knitting.' - a sparkly pack of snowflake candles
'A little something cure for your tree.' - a pretty gingham heart decoration that now has pride of place in our dinette
'A few more crafty ideas.' - some sheets of crafty project suggestions
'For when you are being crafty with card making.' - a sheet of decorative transfers, perfect for personalising Christmas thank you cards!
'Living on a boat you must have beautiful views of the countryside. Here you can keep them safe.' - a little blue photo album, great for people with little space like me!! 

A big thank you to my curious friend and a special thank you from my dog Poppy as I have already started knitting the jacket for her and red is definitely her colour! (I've attached a pic of Poppy!).

Happy Christmas."

Zoe x

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