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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #92

"My box arrived just over a week ago, and with much excitement I opened and photographed it. The box had flown across the channel from a curious Bavarian friend, who no doubt is worried that I haven't received it yet because it's taken until now to send the pics through. (Leider muss meine neugierige Bayerischen Freund)

The box has a beautiful black & white floral pattern on it (tied with a lovely big black ribbon) and, as I do love my boxes, it shall definitely get used! 
The label read "Curious? Ready to forage? Skills of a mudlark? From Prinz Otto Ludwig" Spookily I made a wire & papier mache owl for an exhibition in Munich and was going to name him Otto, because of the famous Bavarian, but decided that he looked more like a Nicholas.

Inside the box was a little message for "Frau Forager Mudlark, with love, hope & best wishes" and I definitely received them all.

The box was jam packed with lots of lovely things:

*Some miniature pegs with ladybirds on, to hold onto my dreams - already in use in my workshop!
*A little bunch of roses, so I may always have them in December - they will go on my Christmas tree.
*A jar of forager's diamonds - beautiful beads to add to my collection.
*A little box of treasures - sparkly magpie treasure which I may also add to my tree!
*Something to wish upon....a beautiful star!
*Some talismans (men) of an owl, a bug & a sun - to bring luck on my explorations.
*A pair of silver studs - which I'm wearing as I write this.
*A lovely little notebook for recording my finds.
*A carved wooden owl, because one can never be too wise - so so beautiful, how did you know I love owls?
*Some sparkly ribbon for a future craft project.
*A ring to treasure always.
*A gourd, some cones, feathers & leaves - perfect the nature lover in me!

What a fantastic gift to receive from across the channel, I just know that the little owl who sent it thought long and hard, and came up trumps!

Vielen Dank an meinen neuen Freund neugierig, vielleicht eines Tages treffen wir uns und ich kann Ihnen pers├Ânlich danken.
Frohe Weihnachten und ein gl├╝ckliches neues Jahr!"

Anya x

Anya-your German is pretty good, well done! Also, we love that you felt your mache owl was more of a Nicholas...what about a Dieter???!

Please also be sure to check out Anya's work, it is magical. 


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  1. I have to confess that, even though my mother is German and I was born in Switzerland, that I used a translator to double check my grammar.

    Nicholas found a new home in Germany, but Dieter is a great name, definitely one for a future creature!

    Thank you for a great project, I look forward to the next one!

    Anya x