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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #95

"My box arrived yesterday and I am still buzzing about it. It was so incredibly thoughtful and I am dying to find out who the sender was!!

In my excitement, I forgot to take a photograph before opening it, but it was wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string :) underneath that, was a box wrapped in THE cutest Christmas wrapping paper, making it a box I don't want to throw away. Now to the contents of said box:

A Woodland rabbit nightlight.

The most thoughtful little recipes, handwritten for those who love chocolate and cake, anyone who wants to be warmed by pie, anyone who likes to have food to pick at in the fridge and anyone who wants a tea time treat. Each recipe was written with a little explanation and on the cutest paper!!

 A christmas card from 'curious santa'.

Some postcards, each with a little quote on (I had said I adore quotes when I signed up, so they were a right treat!)

A little secret garden where you assemble a little house and grow cress in the garden (adorable!!)

A box of notelets for me to send out...being a stationer and total paper geek, these excited me tremendously!

Chocolate and a massive lollipop (which I am munching on as I type) - my sweet tooth is well made up.

A couple of mini cupcake lip glosses.

And last but not least, the gift which made me do an actual gasp...a book: Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland'. Now to be honest, I can't remember what I wrote in the little about me section when signing up to this project, but I don't recall mentioning Alice in Wonderland...the very theme that my first ever wedding stationery order was, so it's really quite special to me (hence the gasp).

I honestly feel like whoever the sender was, knew who they were sending their gifts to - it is slightly unnerving! Even my mom said as I lifted the book up 'They must have known they were sending to you!!' :)

Thank you SO much to my sender, I cannot wait to find out who you are - maybe a cheeky tweet to me? (@_iamnat_) And thank you to Tiffany for organising such an awesome project - it's truly magical!"

Natalie xxx

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