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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #96

"Dear lovely person- I so appreciated your curious, jam packed box. You thought of so many thoughtful and clever ways in which to create a wonderful holiday feeling! When I opened your package, I was happy as a child.  It was evident that each step of the way, this package was filled with creativity and care, and plenty of red and white to pack a nice punch of cheer!

I loved that the outside of your box had this Albert Einstein quotation- how appropriate for Miss Curiosity's project, and it made me smile.  I cut it out for future mischief :)  

Curious mood enhancers!  Jingle Bells, Holiday music by Low, fun and lovely white streamers...

Curious activities to make anyone jolly- a smiley Santa puzzle, my spoiler's favorite Christmas book, heart shaped cookie cutters...

Curious beautifications... for both me and my home- 'Joy' tags to share the feeling:),  elegant white porcelain tree ornaments, a jolly black 'Curious cat' who now graces the top of my little tree, (his twin resides with my curious spoiler), a sweet handmade felt brooch, black flower hair pin... thank you so much!!

Amazing.  How could my far away spoiler and I have been matched so kindly-  she not only included some fine tea, witty/pretty teapot shaped tea ball, but little porcelain cups in which to drink my tea properly... and some wickedly yummy sweets... sigh. Thank you so much for bringing so much cheer into my holiday with your ingeniously curious ways.   

Best wishes from another Curious cat:)  And thank you Miss Curiosity, for organising this fabulous project!!"

That cat is brilliant!


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