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16 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #98

"Dear Miss Curiosity

Thanks for such a wonderful festive experience. Here is the story of my box.....

I finally finished my box and took it to be posted only to return to the card saying I had a missed delivery addressed to The Curiosity Project ~ Spooky!

I couldn't collect it the next day as I was, well having lunch with you so today I went to my local sorting office. When I arrived I realised that I had no ID to collect the parcel as it was addressed to the project but when I explained this to the counter staff, they were all aware of my box. They said they had two of them to The Curiosity Project with two different addresses and they were all keen to know what they were about. Aha! They were all curious so I explained the concept and they thought it was an ace idea and were very happy to let me take my box and wished me fun in opening it.

Everyone in my house helped me undo the wrapping and we speculated that my curious friend may be from the Orient due to the paper. Inside was a lovely little note saying I had earmuffs and a scarf to keep me warm.

How lovely and thoughtful as today we have seen our first snow. We saw a little feline face poking out of the packaging which was the lovely cosy scarf and then the earmuffs which are actually headphones that have been customised and match the scarf. 

My friend you are a mind reader. I never use my ipod beyond the house as I find the little earphones annoying so these will not only keep me warm but entertain me as I take Gilbert for walks. We all greatly approve!"

Wishing you a very curious Christmas
Lisa (and Gilbert & Sorcha!) xxx

Hahaha yes thanks for lunch yesterday, was lovely to see you and very pleased to see what an awesome gift you've got. Happy walking Gilbert!!!


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