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7 December 2011

A Curious Christmas! Box #22

Oh. WOW. This box could just possibly trump all boxes, full stop. Amazing!

"My curiosity box arrived today, I had to come home from work to take a delivery of a new fridge freezer (after months of problems from an inherited one) was just sorting that out when a neighbour rang the doorbell with my box! i was so excited! he gave me quite a strange look and was probably intrigued as to the address on the parcel ...'.To a very curious person'... didn't waste anytime explaining though! had to get in and open the parcel...after the fridge delivery guys had left! :)

I opened my lovely brown paper parcel to find a box inside containing another brown parcel and two brown envelopes, I started with one of the envelopes inside was a card and a very thoughtful old photo of some cottages in my village - I am going to investigate to see if these are still there!

Then I opened the box...my box was in fact a book! cleverly carved away inside to form a box to hold all of my fab curio's! Inside was a book plate as seen on the photos with a name on- perhaps this is a clue from my sender! ;)

Inside everything was carefully wrapped in newspaper and contained the following:

☞ Mini vintage Oxo tin containing a tiny Santa tree decoration
☞ Mini Xmas decorations - the tiniest I have ever seen
☞ An etiquette book
☞ Some fab vintage postcards
☞ Some lovely tea
☞ A great box with some tiny Disney film rolls in! - love these as did my daughter! 
☞ A gorgeous ceramic stripy button

In the third envelope was some fab cuttings from inside the book (box) as it was a small encyclopedia!

Overall very very pleased with my box!

Such a great project that brings so much happiness cannot wait to join in again next time........now to finish packing my own box up!


Lucy-the name on the book plate is mine...but I wasn't the sender. What an absolutely fantastic box to receive, the epitome of The Curiosity Project! 


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