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10 December 2011

DIY Lettering With Miss Curiosity...

We thought you'd enjoy this simple yet very effective DIY project. It doesn't take hours and, depending on the letters you choose, could be on display at home all year round...

You Will Need:

✁ A road map (you could also use wrapping paper or magazine cuttings).
✁ Wooden or cardboard lettering spelling a word(s) of your choice. We've chosen Buon Natale for Christmas.
✁ PVA glue, spray mount or Mod Podge in matte. 
✁ A craft knife
✁ Cutting board
✁ Paint brush. 

Step One.

Paste a thin coating of the glue onto the right side of the letter. 

Step Two.

Turn over the letter and press onto the wrong side of the map or paper.

Step Three.

Use the craft knife to cut the shape out of the paper. You can flip the letter over and trim it further to neaten the edges if you need to. Repeat with the rest of your letters.

Step Four.

Display your lettering somewhere they'll been seen and admired and voila!

Enjoy my pretties!

Miss Curiosity


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