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2 December 2011

DIY Vintage Applique Decorations With The Vintage Drawer

Oh my! When stationery designer Vicky Trainor of The Vintage Drawer sent over our next DIY project we were bowled over by it. Since launching her new range earlier this year it's been flying off the shelves of her Etsy shop and we were delighted when she decided to give us all the inside track of how to achieve her look with your very own vintage Christmas decorations. The best thing? You can use them all year round. They're also perfect for weddings. So, sit yourself down this weekend and get making them!

"My Christmas tree is very special to me. It is my diary. I have bought or made, every season, only a handful of decorations each year.  I can tell you where each one was bought, what I was doing, how I felt at the time, what was happening in our lives, the reason I bought it and there are also a few that have sneaked on to the tree that have been bought by special people in my life. 

Simple rectangular mirrors, bird houses, 70’s glass baubles, driftwood, crystals, pearl pears, flock damask plastic discs, parrots made of bright feathers and toilet rolls (this is the period when my little girls arrived in the diary)...nothing matches but all sits harmoniously together because it is ‘our tree’ and I love it. I have known to be quite emotional when it is dismantled after the festivities…

So when Tiffany invited me to write a guest DIY post, I wanted to share this idea with you; to make a collection of decorations for your curiosity box and for yourself. So every year when you look at your decoration you remember this wonderful project and your ‘curious partner’…

So let’s begin in a VintageDrawer manner by rummaging around the house for all that is floral and vintage with a twist of haberdashery thrown in. 

You Will Need:

♡ Some fabric and crochet panels that need to be re-loved
♡ Embroidery cotton thread
♡ Ribbon
♡ Beads & buttons
♡ A sheet of Bondaweb
♡ Some floral fabric oddments…oh and a little bit of your time with a sprinkle of patience…..

Step 1. First iron the Bondaweb to the reverse of all of your fabric pieces (rough side is the adhesive side, do not iron with this side facing up towards you as you will be left with a very sticky iron). 

Step 2. Take your crochet pieces and trim to create equal shapes, so this may be a set of squares or circles.  You will need two equal sized pieces so that your decoration can be double sided.  If your crochet is quite lace-like in design then I advise you apply a piece of fabric to the reverse side of each piece to help through the stitching process.

Step 3. You now need to cut out any flowers or shapes from your fabrics that you would like to use.  Once you have cut out your pieces. peel off the paper backing, the adhesive will be bonded to the reverse of the fabric.  The main reason for this is to stop your fabric from fraying but you can also iron down your shapes to your crochet panel if you prefer.  I prefer not to as I like the petals to lift slightly off the base panel.

Step 4. Now you have the therapeutic and ever so addictive job of decorating each side.  Enjoy making very different compositions so when the decorations twist and turn on your tree they will evoke a different feel and mood.  Try and use a few reflective materials such as buttons and beads, maybe the odd stitches in metallic threads.  Use lots of varied stitch in the centre of the flowers, but ensure everything is sewn on well as these pieces are to be wonderful keepsakes to last a long time.

Step 5. You now need to group your sides together and make a loop from your ribbon. I advise that you sew together the ends of the loop with a few quick stitches to stop them from separating when you are sewing all your pieces together. Lay the ribbon loop onto the reverse of your first panel and then place the second panel on top, pin together and stitch all round with small neat stitches.

You're Finished!
These decorations are great to re-cycle fabrics that hold memories such as children’s clothes. Instead of making a patchwork you could make every year a little decoration from floral and spotty prints, or fabrics that are filled with cars and planes and appliqué them down onto your decorations. Just think what you could do with those old curtains you have – you could dress the whole of your home town’s tree with large rose printed garlands…enjoy."

If you decide to have a go at making your own applique decorations, be sure to send us in a photo, we'd love to share your hard work with everyone.

A happy weekend to all!



  1. these are lovely decorations. i just wish I had these materials to hand to give this a go.
    thank for sharing

  2. Just beautiful.

    And I want to see a picture of Vicky's Christmas tree now!