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14 December 2011

A Word From Our Sponsor...Alison Moore Designs

We're delighted to share with you the work of jewellery designer Alison Moore this morning. Based on a Scottish island and enjoying a life of self-sufficiency, her work reflects the beauty of the environment in which she lives-her Pebble collection for example was inspired by her local beach.

Her simple yet striking style gives her pieces a real eye-catching edge. They are raw and stripped back, revealing the natural qualities of the metals in which she works...

Industrial Sterling Silver Pendant £65.00, Earrings £35.00

Organic Necklace in Sterling Silver & Copper £110.00

Organic Circle Studs in Silver & Copper £28.00

Sterling Silver Pebble Pendant

"British designer Alison creates her unique modern jewellery from her workshop in Orkney, north Scotland.  Each piece is individually hand crafted from copper and sterling silver.  She obtains her inspiration from a variety of sources, but predominantly drawing from the beautiful natural environment where she lives.
Alison’s work is sold at galleries in the UK, at country & craft fairs and online. For more information about how to buy, go to www.alisonmoore.co.uk."


  1. I love Alison's work, 'specially the moonstone necklace and the hare brooches. Hope you're keeping cozy up there in windswept Orkney Alison! x

  2. I'm an Alison Moore addict - I have 7 pairs of her earings now, and her stacking rings are next on my list! Love the perfect balance of elegance and rustic charm in her work - she's so talented! x