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7 December 2011

A Word From Our Sponsor...Ever and Ava

This morning, we have a post from our lovely sponsor Sheridan Lane of Ever and Ava. She's a jewellery mad, bead obsessive with an eye for colour-we just love her little heart earrings. Bag yourself a pair and treat yourself this Christmas...

"My name is Sheridan Lane trading as Ever and Ava; I decided to name the company after my craft crazy 4 and half year old cousin. I have always been crafty and spent many years, knitting and card making. Then I found beads and my life changed completely. I started making earrings and it just snowballed. Now every room and every surface in my house is covered with beads and wires. I always wanted a wool shop where I had a big old table in the middle and I served lovely teas and homemade cakes on vintage china, now it’s a bead/jewellery shop. 

My designs all come from my head, occasionally I draw some lines and beads, usually when I am teaching as it gets ideas started,  but I get most pleasure from ‘playing’ with my stash and bead shopping – a girl can never have enough beads. I use Swarovski Crystal and probably just about half way to having all the colours! My best buy this year was a colour chart; I treat it like gold dust and have been known to just sit staring at it. Other half thinks I have lost the plot.

I love making tiaras and hair combs, using wire is still my favourite, it’s very forgiving you know!  I can’t leave the house without earrings and perfume (Jean Paul Gautier) so I keep myself and my mum in good supply. It’s a great excuse to just buy two beads.  I have also become a little bit obsessive with vintage jewellery and can’t resist a sneaky purchase now and then. 

I also still make cards, and having great fun starting on the Christmas designs.  Cards, earrings, bracelets and some shabby chic Christmas decorations are also available on the website."

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